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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ask Me No Questions ...

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From Ottumwa, Iowa

(Home of Walter O'Reilly)

  • One of the staples of campaigning in the "early states" is the tradition of candidates delivering remarks, and then taking questions from the audience.

  • In Newton, Iowa, the other day. Senator Hillary Clinton was doing just that. She made her remarks at a biodiesel plant and then asked for questions.

  • She called on a student from Grinnell University who asked her about global warming. Clinton warming to the subject, launched into her standard I'm-Greener-Than-Al-Gore riff.

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  • Trouble is, the student reported to her university newspaper that a Clinton staffer had provided her with the question and then placed her in a position where Mrs. Clinton was likely to call on her.

  • Which, I'm surprised to report, Clinton did.

  • The Clinton campaign said "It's not a practice of our campaign to ask people to ask specific questions," which is a standard Clintonian non-denial-denial.

  • Later, of course, the campaign had to 'fess up because the Grinnell student had spilled the beans.

  • Fox News' Major Garrett called upon the John Edwards campaign to get its reaction to Plant-Gate. Edwards' communications director said:
    "In light of a weak debate performance, not to mention a persistent inability to answer the tough questions, it appears the Clinton campaign has adopted a new strategy of planting questions.

    "It's what the Clinton campaign calls the politics of planting."

  • Which is a pretty good line.

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  • To show how closely Iowans pay attention to this stuff, it was mentioned at both campaign stops last night. A man prefaced a question about education policy by saying the Thompson campaign had not planted it. And at the second stop, the woman who acted as MC asked for "non-planted questions" at the appropriate point in the program.

  • Hearty laughs all around.


    The other day I was did a segment on the Fox radio program "Brian and the Judge." I was asked why I thought professional conservative Paul Weyrich had endorsed Rudy Giuliani.

    I paused and said, "Global Warming."

    Hearty laughs all around.


  • While candidates planting their own questions with their own questioners is looked down upon, we had an occasion last week in New Hampshire when a questioner pointed out that Fred Thompson had once been a lobbyist and asked if he was still registered as a lobbyist in Washington, DC.

  • Thompson responded, "No one's offered me any work in that area, so the answer is no."

  • Then last night another plant, reading from a piece of paper, said that he was going to join the Peace Corps after college and wanted to know Thompson's position on AIDS in Africa.

  • Thompson answered and then thanked the student for his "spontaneous question."

  • Hearty laughs all around.


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