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    Mullings is a real business. It requires paid subscriptions and advertising to continue. Mullings is not a subsidiary of a large corporation, nor does it receive a government subsidy procured through giving large amounts of cash to Members of the Appropriations Committee who then earmark tax dollars for its support.

    It is the basic building block - the charmed quark for those who took (and stayed awake during) Physics 113 - of the American economy: A small business run by two people - The Lad and me. As I have the concentration span of a three-year-old, it is really run by The Lad, but I get to write MULLINGS.

    I happen to love doing it.

    Nevertheless, like any business it requires a steady, dependable revenue stream. Or two. A significant portion of the annual revenue necessary comes from Mullings readers who choose to pay $30 to keep the column going.

    It's a little like listening to National Public Radio. If you pay their annual fee, you can listen to everything they broadcast. If you don't pay � you can still listen.

    Unlike NPR, as noted above, Mullings receives no income from the public coffers.

    It is all up to you. And me.

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    For those who may be new to Mull World, I do not consider myself to be a journalist. And journalists absolutely don't consider me to be a journalist.

    I am a political hack. I am good at it. I am proud of it. Politics is what makes our unique American form of self-governance function. Although it is considered a requirement for reporters and academics to belittle the process; it works more often than not - even when the edges are strained to the breaking point as they were in 1998, again in 2000, and may well be in 2008.

    Mullings is a pointedly Conservative political column. I try not to be mean, but neither do I attempt to be even-handed. I think Liberalism is wrong-headed and I am perfectly happy to point out the faults and blunders of our friends on the Left - just as those on the Left are all too eager to point out what they consider to be our shortcomings.

    The secret to understanding my approach is this: I consider those on the Left to be my political opponents; not my mortal enemies.

    The columns generally run about 700 words (which is about the length of a standard opinion piece in your newspaper) and come to your e-mail inbox as a complete column every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    Each of those columns is accompanied by a "Secret Decoder Ring" page (SDR) which contains photos, additional links, explanations of obscure references and other things which I find amusing, aggravating or both. There is a link at the bottom of every edition of Mullings page which takes you to the SDR.

    In addition to the three-days-a-week Mullings column, there are irregular Travelogues which are not unlike the Iraq adventures except they generally do not include stories of people who are actively trying to kill me. At least not that I'm aware of.

    The Travelogues are included in the subscription price.

    In a normal year - a normal year being defined as one during which I spend exactly zero days in Iraq or any other war zone - each edition of Mullings costs about a dime.

    When you consider the amount of material I provide you to beat that Liberal goofball (with whom you have to share an office, or who sits in the next cube) over the head with, it is a fantastic bargain on the order of $1.28-a-gallon gasoline, or $1.30-a-cup Starbucks.


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