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Rich Galen

Monday, November 26, 2007

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  • "� International Herald Tribune ...": Here's the link to the IHT's coverage of the planned US troop withdrawal from Iraq.

  • "� Senate Resolution ...": Here's a link to the text of the Byrd-Hagel resolution on Kyoto.

    Mullfoto of the Day

    Des Moines Airport on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Note the TV camera in place to capture the chaos during the BUSIEST TRAVEL DAY OF THE YEAR!

    Note, too, the lack of actual travellers.

    Catchy Caption of the Day

    Actual Caption:

    An anti-spitting message displayed in Beijing. Although there is now a wide consensus that spitting is "uncivilised" behaviour, as pre-Olympics manners campaigns term it, spitting is still pretty much a trademark sight and sound across the country

    Section MCIVV, Paragraph 1138 of the Kyoto Protocols: "Thou shalt not spit."

    (AFP/File/Teh Eng Koon)

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