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Of Sunday, July 11, 2004

    1.This page is a direct cut-and-paste from the Washington Post website "print edition" listing. The italics are duplicated from the Washington Post web page.

    2. In case you missed this on the Secret Decoder Ring Page: About a month ago I entered into a brief discussion with the folks at the Washington Post dot com about writing a column for the web site. It was a fairly standard meeting which did not lead to anything. I only tell you about it to fully disclose a discussion about a potential business relationship.


    Kerry Vows To Restore 'Truth' to Presidency
    Democratic Ticket Assails GOP Values as 'Distorted'
    By Jim VandeHei and Dan Balz, Page A01
        ALBUQUERQUE, July 10 -- President Bush has governed in a dishonest fashion, trampling values on every issue except fighting terrorism and leaving voters "clamoring for restoration of credibility and trust in the White House again," John F. Kerry and John Edwards said in an interview.

    Saudis Facing Return of Radicals
    Young Iraq Veterans Join Underground
    By Craig Whitlock, Page A01
        RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- An increasing number of Saudis who crossed the border into Iraq to fight the U.S.-led military occupation are returning home to plot attacks against the Saudi government and Western targets in the desert kingdom, according to Western counterterrorism officials and Saudis with ties to militant groups.

    Weapons Ban Set to Fade Into Sunset
    By Charles Babington, Page A04
        With time expiring on the decade-old assault weapons ban, gun control advocates are angry at President Bush for apparently doing nothing to extend it. In fact, the president never asked the House to continue the ban, which will expire in September, because he knew it was pointless, says Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.).

    Political Face of Florida Latinos Changing
    Puerto Rican Influx Gives Democrats Hope of Ending Cuban-GOP Dominance
    By Darryl Fears, Page A05
        ORLANDO -- On the morning that two hijacked airliners slammed into the World Trade Center towers, Antonio Adger decided to leave New York City for good. The next day, Sept. 12, 2001, he packed his belongings, rented a U-Haul and started driving from Brooklyn to a place just short of where land meets sea in sunny Central Florida.

    Excerpts From Interview With Democratic Candidates
    Page A07
        Here are excerpts of an interview with Sens. John F. Kerry and John Edwards aboard the Democrats' campaign plane Friday. It opened with a question about the fundraising concert Thursday night in New York, where several entertainers sharply attacked President Bush, calling him "a thug" and suggesting he was a murderer. Kerry was asked about Republican criticism of the event and his statement that the performers reflected "the heart and soul" of the country.

    Kerry, Edwards Revel in Brotherhood of Campaign
    Energy, Enthusiasm Infectious as Democrats Take Message to Battleground States
    By Dan Balz and Jim VandeHei, Page A08
        RALEIGH, N.C., July 10 -- Once thought to have a frosty relationship, John F. Kerry and John Edwards cannot seem to get enough of each other.

    Page A09
        Florida Will Not Use Disputed List of Felons in Election MIAMI -- Florida elections officials said Saturday they will not use a disputed list that was designed to keep felons from voting, acknowledging a flaw that could have allowed convicted Hispanic felons to cast ballots in November.

    Bush Pushes for Ban on Gay Marriage
    Vote on Constitutional Amendment Could Come This Week
    Page A10
        President Bush said yesterday that legalizing gay marriage would redefine the most fundamental institution of civilization and that a constitutional amendment is needed to protect it.

    In Iraq, Showdown Looms Over Self-Rule for Kurds
    Regional Leaders Say They Will Not Give up Quasi-Independence
    By Edward Cody, Page A18
        IRBIL, Iraq -- Karzan Kanabi, whose clothing shop attracts young men with its cheap bell-bottom pants, never went to Baghdad, never learned Arabic and never felt the desire to go anywhere he would have to mix with Iraq's Arab population.

    CIA Skewed Iraq Reporting, Senate Says
    By Dafna Linzer and Barton Gellman, Page A19
        Last August, a small team of Senate investigators trying to determine how U.S. intelligence assessments of Iraq had failed went looking for answers in a place where the Bush administration believed there were not any: the offices of U.N. nuclear inspectors in Vienna. The inspectors had determined, before the war, that Iraq did not have a nuclear weapons program.

    Fate of Filipino Unclear; 4 Marines Killed
    [In the Edition delivered to my home, the headline was as stated in Mullings]
    By Paul Alexander, Page A22
        MANILA, Philippines, July 10 -- The Philippines confirmed Saturday it would withdraw its small military contingent from Iraq on Aug. 20, as planned, but it was unclear if the announcement had saved the life of a Filipino hostage being held in Iraq.