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Rich Galen

Friday September 8, 2006

    • "� in pieno voce ..." Literally, "In Full Voice."

    • "� Alternate Ending ..." This was sent in by Mullster Kendal Hemphill who wanted a more uplifting ending:
      Now, dragons are for dreamers, they live inside our minds
      And if you'd like a dragon friend to play with anytime
      Just close your eyes and picture that boat with billowed sail
      And you can ride to Honalee on Puff's gigantic tail

      Puff the magic dragon lives by the sea
      And frolics in the autumn mist in a land called Honalee

      Well done, Ken. Thank you.

    • Bonus Feature This is pretty cool. From the National Association of Manufacturers' website, How a School Bus is Made.

      These two photographs are from September, 2004. The dust of Iraq was still in my hair. And the shock of 9/11 was still in my heart.

      If you find yourself sighing too much, take a walk along the Potomac River just after sunrise.
      You will feel much better about things.

    • Catchy Caption of the Day

      Sometimes, even in September of an even-numbered year,
      it's not just about politics.

      (Peter Morgan/Reuters)

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