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The definition of the word mull.


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Irene, Good Night

Rich Galen

Tuesday August 23, 2011

  • "� Goodnight Irene ... ": Here's a link to, probably, the best-known version of the Huttie Ledbetter tune as sung by the Weavers.

  • "� Mezuzah ... ": Here's the Wikipedia link to the meaning of Mezuzah.
    In my Hebrew school the Mezuzah was also described as an homage to the instructions in Exodus for the Jews who were trapped in Egypt to "take some of the blood [of a lamb] and put it on the two side posts and top of the doorframe" so that the 10th plague - the death of the first born son - would not be visited upon them.

  • "� Unemployment ... ": Here's a link to the weekly jobless claims number.

  • "� Merrill Lynch ... ": Here's a link to the CNBC coverage of the Merrill Lynch report on the economy

  • "� Haile Selassie ... ": Here's the link to the Wikipedia page for Haile Selassie.
    This reference is to an on-going Saturday Night Live bit during the Weekend Update segments in which the host - for years - insisted "Haile Selassie is still dead." The Ethiopian government, for months, assured the world on a daily basis that Selassie was still alive toward the end of his life.

    Mullfoto of the Day

    Note the license plate.
    Mullfoto by Chip Griffin

    Catchy Caption of the Day

    Actual Caption:

    Rebels looting Gadhafi family homes. Rebel fighters walk inside the house of Al-Saadi Gadhafi the son of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi in Tripoli, LIbya, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011. A defiant Moammar Gadhafi vowed Wednesday to fight on "until victory or martyrdom," as rebel fighters tried to end scattered attacks by regime loyalists in the nervous capital.

    Looting? Really? Hmm. Who'd-a thunk?

    (AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev)

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