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The definition of the word mull.


Secret Decoder Ring

This is NOT a Good August Story

Rich Galen

Tuesday August 9, 2011

  • "� Bond Ratings ... ": Here's a link to a bond rating chart showing the grades and the broad catagories they represent.

  • "� Keurig Coffee Machine ... ": This is the latest and greatest invention for producing coffee. You put in a little cup contining the grounds, press a button and voila! coffee comes out.

    MUCH more expensive than a standard office coffee maker but each employee can brew his or her favorite blend.

  • "� Lewinsky Scandal ... ": Here's the Wikipedia entry for the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.

  • "� Credit Default Swaps ... ": Here's the definition from
    The buyer of a credit swap receives credit protection, whereas the seller of the swap guarantees the credit worthiness of the product. By doing this, the risk of default is transferred from the holder of the fixed income security to the seller of the swap.

    For example, the buyer of a credit swap will be entitled to the par value of the bond by the seller of the swap, should the bond default in its coupon payments.

    Ah. NOW I get it.

  • "� Watergate ... ": Just about every Washington scandal since Watergate has had the letters "-gate" appended to it. It's hard to remember how the whole nation was held spellbound during the Senate Watergate Hearings through the Summer of 1974.

    Here's the Wikipedia entry explaining the whole thing.

    Mullfoto of the Day

    On Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, DC.

    I think they should just tear the old building down.

    Catchy Caption of the Day

    Actual Caption:

    This is the terrifying moment a cloud threatened to develop into a full blown TORNADO over a row of family homes. Brave snapper Pat Kavanagh took this shot of an explosive black storm from the roof of his house in Taber, Canada last month.

    Expecting the sunny weather to take a turn for the worse he watched intently as the billows started spinning into a furious funnel. This pic was created by stitching together multiple photographs in a vertical panorama.

    Run, Forrest! Run!


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