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The definition of the word mull.


Secret Decoder Ring


The S.S. Obama is Leaking

Rich Galen

Wednesday June 13, 2012

  • "... NYT: Obama and Drones ...": Here's the link to the NY Times piece about Obama personally ordering enemies to be killed by drones.

  • "... WaPo: Obama and Deniability ...": Here's the link to Rich Cohen's piece on the growing concern over official leakers of sensitive national security information.

  • "... Watergate ...": Here's the Wikipedia entry for the Watergate scandal.

  • "... WaPo: Dems Anxious ...": Here's the link to Karen Tumulty's front pager on the growing angst among Democrats.

  • "... Errata ...": In some editions of today's MULLINGS I wrote that Watergate occurred in 1992. It was 1972. But I did get the math right!

    Mullfoto of the Day

    From the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc

    Catchy Caption of the Day

    Actual Caption:

    Pacific white-sided dolphin Piquet swims with her two-week-old male calf at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago June 12, 2012. Less than 24 hours after its birth on Memorial Day, the calf began surpassing several critical milestones to mark the newborn's successful development, including bonding with mom and nursing regularly, according to the aquarium. Shedd's animal health team estimates calf's weight to be around 30 pounds, 5 pounds more than he weighed at birth.

    Mother and son are doing fine. I needed that.

    REUTERS/John Gress

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