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Life is Old There ...

Rich Galen

Wednesday May 14, 2008

  • "... Country Roads Lyrics ...": Here's a link to the lyrics to the John Denver song, "Country Roads" which is also known as "Almost Heaven, West Virginia."

    One of the stanzas is:

    Life is old there
    Older than the trees
    Younger than the mountains
    Growin' like a breeze

    From which the title of this edition of MULLINGS comes.

  • "... Subcommittee Hearings ...": Here is a fascinating link to the St. Petersburg (FL) Times' analysis of the "did you do your job as a Subcommitte Chairman" issue.

  • "... NY Times ...": Here's a link to the New York Times' analysis of Obama's profiles in courage in the Illinois State Senate.

  • "... Erratum ...": In the line saying that NY Congressman Charlie Rangel was better qualified to run for President than Barack Obama, I typed that Rangel had first been elected to Congress in 1991. That, of course, should have been 1971.

  • "... The Lad's Essay ...": Here's a link to his essay published yesterday on

    Little twerp.

    Mullfoto of the Day

    Taken from the New Jersey entrance to the Holland Tunnel to Manhattan.

    I'm just saying that if you took a poll of most of the people in the known universe and asked them to identify "America's Golden Door" Jersey City would not come up at the number one choice.

    Catchy Caption of the Day

    Actual Caption:

    Airline staff help a passenger inside Terminal 1 at Heathrow Airport in 2006. The BBC has said that foreigners are allowed to work in high-security areas at British airports with no checks on whether they have a criminal record in their homeland.

    That guy with the hat? In the middle? Looks suspicious to me.

    (AFP/File/Adrian Dennis)

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