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Rich Galen

Thursday March 7, 2019

  • "… 81 Requests …": Here's the link to the Washington Post's annotated list of the 81 organizations and individuals who have been asked for documents by the House Judiciary Committee.

  • "… Gill Nets …": Here's a link to a brief discussion of Gill Nets.

  • "… List of Requests …": Here's the link to the Judiciary Committee's web page showing each of the 81 individuals or groups and the specific documents they are to produce.

  • "… Errata …": In some versions of Mullings Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler was identified as (R-NY). He is (D-NY). Also the commander of the TV M*A*S*H unit was Sherman Potter, not Henry.

    Mullfoto of the Day

    The baseball player, number 25 is 31-year-old minor leaguer Peter Bourjos. Here's the story, via my bother-in-law who was in Arizona for some Spring Training games:

    The little boy saw people asking players for autographs. He didn't know one from another, but Bourjos walked by, saw the little boy running down the steps, and stopped to sign a baseball.

    Just as Bourjos was going to sign, he realized the players were lining up on the basepaths for the National Anthem. Bourjos leaned over the railing, picked the little boy up and allowed him to stand with him on the first base foul line.

    The little boy, about five, is probably just about ready to start the T-ball phase of his baseball career. Twenty-five years earlier Peter Bourjos might have been hitting a baseball off a tee. Maybe that's what he was thinking about when he leaned over the rail, picked up the little boy, and led him to the first base line.

    No matter how far that little boy goes, he will never forget the 17-foot-tall non-roster invitee who let him live his dream of standing on a Major League Baseball field with professional players.

    Mullfoto by John Curran

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