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The definition of the word mull.


Secret Decoder Ring


Dems in Disarray

Rich Galen

Thursday February 23, 2017

  • "… DNC Election …": Here's a link to the Wikipedia page showing the state of play for the Democratic National Committee election for chairman.

  • "… 2018 Senate …": Here's a link to the University of Virginia's Center for Politics' early look at the the 2018 Senate races.

  • "… Reeve …": Mirriam-Webster:
    1. a local administrative agent of an Anglo-Saxon king
    2. a medieval English manor officer responsible chiefly for overseeing the discharge of feudal obligations

    Wikipedia suggests the term "Shire Reeve" has been contracted to the modern day word, "Sheriff."

    Mullfoto of the Day:

    I don't think this is going to fit into the tunnel.

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