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Rich Galen

Friday February 8, 2013

  • "� Oujda, Morocco ...": Here's the Wikipedia link for all you need to know about Oujda, Morocco.

  • "� Memo on Extra Legal Killings ...": Here's the Department of Justice's White Paper (via NBC) giving some of the legal reasoning behind its opinion that a High Level American Official can drop a missile on the head of an American Citizen overseas.
    NOTE: It is a very large PDF file.

  • "� NBC's Summary of the memo ...": Here's a link to NBC's David Isakoff's analysis of ">the DoJ memo.

  • "� Protesters Halt Brennan Hearing ...": Here's the link to the Huffington Post hearly contemporaneous coverage (including video) of the Code Pink protesters.

    Mullfoto of the Day

    At the piano in Rick's Cafe in Casablanca Wednesday. You can see my world-famous technique for a C-chord.

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