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Rich Galen

Wednesday January 31, 2007

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  • "� Mary Landrieu ..." Here's the blurb from US News & World Report:
    Senators Criticize Bush In New Orleans

    At a field hearing on the slow pace of the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, Sens. Barack Obama, Joe Lieberman, and Mary Landrieu criticized the Bush Administration's handling of aid and reconstruction assistance. Democrats also reiterated their complaints about Bush failing to mention the disaster or New Orleans in his State of the Union. The New York Times, NBC Nightly News and Chicago Tribune, among other media outlets, run stories on the hearing. The Washington Post, meanwhile, reports following complaints from business leaders that "too many efforts to help the US disaster response were thwarted by red tape" after Hurricane Katrina, Business Executives for National Security, a nonprofit, nonpartisan advisory group representing disaster-related industries, has released "a plan for public-private disaster coordination."

    Landrieu: Terror Attack "Preferable" Roll Call reports in its "Heard on the Hill" column that Sen. Landrieu "had some highly original things to say" at Monday's hearing. "'I often think we would have been better off if the terrorists had blown up our levees. Maybe we'd have gotten more attention,' Landrieu said, according to a report from the New Orleans station WWL-TV." Landrieu continued that there is a bias against her state in Washington, D.C., and that "Mississippi is actually the most corrupt state in the union."

  • "� Anti-War Demonstration ..." Here's the link to the fawning WashPost coverage of the rally.

  • "� North Dakota ..." Bismarck

    Mullfoto of the Day

    I pulled up behind a bus the other day and saw this URL.

    Gerbil-dot-com? What in the world..."

    I looked up and saw ...

    Catchy Caption of the Day

    Actual Caption:

    Policemen and civil militiamen watch motorcyclists riding through an intersection during rush hour in Hanoi. Police in the Vietnamese capital have been told not to wear sunglasses, smoke, swear or keep their hands in their pockets while they are on duty, in an effort to improve their public image.

    Or arrest protesters spraying-painting slogans on the US Capitol.
    (AFP/File/Hoang Dinh Nam)

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