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Saudi v. Iran v. Bahrain v. Israel v.
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Putin v. Obama

Rich Galen

Monday January 4, 2016

  • "… Sunnis v. Shiites …": Here's the primer on the differences between the two major Muslim sects.

  • "… Saudi Travelogue …":

    Here's the link to the Saudi Arabia Travelogue including a discussion of chop-chop square.

    Here is the photo I took of a man hosing down chop-chop square. This is the caption from the Travelogue:

    Ranger Rick very cleverly took this photo with his Canon S-400 Digital camera using the full 11x digital zoom from about a half mile away thus minimizing the chances of his acutally seeing any chop-chopped bits that might be lying about thus requiring the use of the hose.

  • "… BBC Iran/Russia …": Here's the link to the BBC piece on Vladimir Putin's visit to Iran last November.

    Mullfoto of the Day

    My mom, 93, passed away over the holidays.
    Nothing - other than her family - made her
    as happy as chocolate ice cream.

    Mullfoto by Paul Heller

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