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The definition of the word mull.
Mullings by Rich Galen
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    The Clinton Legacy Meeting

    Wednesday, December 26, 2001

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                  C O N F I D E N T I A L
      To:  	The President
              The Senator
              The James
      Cc:  	Meeting Attendees
      Bcc:	Mullings Readers
      From:	Rich Galen
      Re: 	The President's Legacy Meeting
      1.  Background:
          President Clinton called a meeting, a week ago,
          to deal with what he feels is a diminishing
          memory of his Administration's accomplishments.
          The triggering event was a two-part article in
          the Washington Post which unfairly suggested
          that we paid the most minor possible attention
          to bin Laden, al Qaeda, and terrorism in
          Unjust attacks by the remaining shards of the
          Vast Right Wing Conspiracy upon The Senator
          regarding her actions toward The Current
          Occupant of the White House during the TCO's
          Joint Session Address have exacerbated this
          To that end, this meeting was convened.
      2. Lessons Learned:
          Former Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson was
          quoted extensively by Rick Berke of the New
          York Times with the goal of placing this
          meeting in its proper context.  We had presumed
          that a story about the President's legacy,
          would bring forth a chorus of support.  The
          story did not have the desired effect.
          In fact, the meeting has caused a surprisingly
          negative reaction. Berke quoted an unnamed
          source as saying, "The Clinton hard core [are]
          not on message."  Either the "Clinton hard
          core" was not properly briefed after the
          meeting, or - and this is more problematic -
          the few remaining members of the "Clinton hard
          core" were IN the meeting.
          It was not helpful for Berke to have written
          that The President felt it necessary to "defend
          his legacy against criticism on matters
          including his role in the current recession and
          his failure to strike a fatal blow against
          Osama bin Laden or his terrorist network after
          the embassy bombings in East Africa in 1998."
          This only served to remind readers that we DID
          fail to strike a blow - fatal or otherwise -
          against bin Laden and that the signs of
          recession (which we so skillfully obfuscated
          during our last six months in office) WERE, in
          hindsight, clearly visible.
          It was also not helpful for our former National
          Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, to have been
          quoted as saying, "I feel very uncomfortable
          talking about these meetings."  It will only be
          a matter of time before some reporter picks up
          on the phrase "THESE meetingS" sted "THIS
          meeting" and begins to inquire as to how many
          of "THESE meetingS" have taken place, their
          frequency, attendees, assigned tasks, etc.  I
          suspect the holidays have distracted reporters,
          thus no one has pounced on this error.
      3. Blunder:
          One of our most un-critical support
          organizations,, was not briefed.  In
          a column dated December 20, 2001 - one day
          AFTER the meeting - Asla Aydintasbas, wrote
          that former CIA chief James Woolsey (appointed
          by The President in 1993) was unsuccessful in
          getting The President to take seriously the
          terrorist threat.
          "Disillusioned by Clinton's disregard for
          intelligence matters," the article states,
          "Woolsey left the agency after a brief tenure
          and returned to civilian life�"
          Aydintashbas writes Woolsey so "failed to
          penetrate Clinton's inner circle� after a
          disturbed man crashed a plane on the White
          House grounds in 1994, a joke made the rounds
          in Washington that it was Woolsey trying to get
          in to see the President."
          This is not what we need from our friends in
          the media.
      4. Village Voice Miscalculation:
          The CURRENT edition of the "Village Voice" -
          the Limousine Liberals' Bible - has an article
          about The Senator and a constituent from the
          Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, Maribel
          Writer Chisun Lee wrote that The Senator
          and this woman met in NOVEMBER and The Senator
          suggested they get together to compare
          political agendas.
          According to the Village Voice, "Last week,
          Soto was still waiting to hear back from
          Clinton's people, who warned that The Senator
          could only squeeze Soto in on a Saturday."
          We can hold all the meetings we want in Harlem
          but if The Senator disses Bed-Stuy we will only
          continue to lose ground.
      5. Summary:
          Considering this was our break-out week for
          Legacy Enhancement we did not fare very well.
          The fault, to paraphrase Shakespeare, is not
          in our Gingrichs nor in our Starrs, but in

      --END --
      Copyright © 2001 Richard A. Galen


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