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Over and Out

Rich Galen

Wednesday November 3, 2010

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From the American Solutions Victory Party
Ronald Reagan Building
Washington, DC

  • OK! Hang the "Mission Accomplished" banner from the National Republican Congressional Committee HQ window. It was as good a night as we thought it would be and now you have to keep up with what happens next.

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  • The election is over and Nancy Pelosi is out.

  • I think yesterday was a foregone conclusion a year ago August when Pelosi sent her Caucus home to sell a health care proposal which had no form (much less substance) and so Democrats had no arrows in their rhetorical quivers to off-set the anger of those who were opposed.

  • It was the latest example of the First Principal of Politics: "If you don't define yourself (or your issue) your opponent will do it for you."

  • Democrat Members of the House who were used to being treated like royalty, not criminals, returned to duty in the Fall of 2009 knowing that (as Ted said to Bill during their great adventure) strange things were afoot at the Circle K.

  • Rather than reading the mood of the country, political geniuses in the House and Senate leadership offices, as well as the Einsteins in the White House decided as soon as a bill was produced, the great mass of Americans who had voted for Barack Obama and huge Democratic majorities in the House and Senate would rally 'round and all would be well.

  • No one - to this second - has read that bill and if there was any rallying at all, it was a rallying point 'round Republicans who had steadfastly refused to support the deeply flawed legislation.

  • While the economy continued to slump and the unemployment rate continued to climb; Obama, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continued to the focus on elitist issues like cap-and-trade; labor-centric bailouts of the auto industry, and arcane rules to oversee a financial system which to this day continues to take from main street and give to Wall Street.

  • It all fed into a national notion that if this was "change," voters didn't want much more of it. As proof, exit polls last night showed that voters were, according to the AP "intensely worried about the future of the economy and unhappy with the way President Obama and Congress have been running things."

  • Moreover, "the tide of dismay rolled through the groups that swing elections - women, independents and suburbanites" all of whom swung toward Republican candidates.

  • While all that was going on, BP's oil well blew out, killed 11 workers, and spewed tens of thousands of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Obama's White House dream team was so eager to keep him away from the problem and avoid comparisons (good or bad) to Katrina, he appeared to be distracted and disinterested.

  • Finally, both James Carville (who is not an Obama supporter) and Donna Brazile (who is an Obama supporter) had to take to the airwaves to demand the President get involved.

  • He did but it was, as H.R. Haldeman used to say, "TL-Squared." Too little; too late.

  • Through it all House Republican Leader (and soon to be Speaker) John Boehner (R-OH) kept his GOP Conference marching in the same direction; he didn't rise to the bait of the media to either be overly effusive in his praise of tea partiers, nor look for ways to distance the House Republican campaign from them.

  • Boehner was the stealth bomber of this campaign: He didn't create a large enough radar cross section for the White House to lock onto although it's been firing blindly at him off-and-on for the past six months.

  • As I type this, it is 1:30 AM and the GOP has picked up 50 seats which will probably go up to over 60 overnight. In the Senate the GOP has picked up six seats with three races still outstanding so it was not just a good night, it was a terrific night.

  • It's over for the Democrats in the House, and Nancy Pelosi is out.

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