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Steve King

Rich Galen

Thursday November 1, 2018

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  • From a Tweet by U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Oh):
    "Congressman Steve King's recent comments, actions, and retweets are completely inappropriate. We must stand up against white supremacy and hate in all forms, and I strongly condemn this behavior."

  • Alright, so we're within a week of the mid-terms and a Congressman from Ohio lights up a Republican Congressman from Iowa.

  • So. What.

  • So, Rep. Stivers is not just a Congressman from Ohio. He is a Republican Congressman from Ohio. Stivers is not just a Republican Congressman from Ohio, he is the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) - the political arm of the Republicans in the U.S. House.

  • Rep. Stivers' job is to elect (or re-elect) Republican Members of Congress. His job is not to publicly call out sitting Members.

  • That's. What.

  • The Des Moines Register reported that King recently took a trip to Europe funded by a non-profit group that attempts to teach about the horrors of the Holocaust. While King allowed the group to pay for the majority of the trip, he took a side trip (which was not paid for by the group) during which he
    "met with members of an Austrian far-right political party associated with neo-Nazi movements [while] on a trip funded by a Holocaust memorial nonprofit."

  • King also recently endorsed a woman running for Mayor of Toronto. That's Toronto, Iowa, not Toronto, Canada.

    NOTE: This is incorrect. Godly was, in fact, running for Mayor of Toronto, Canada and got about 3 percent of the vote.

  • The woman involved, Faith Goldy, was described by the Globe Gazette - the newspaper covering Northern Iowa as:
    "Goldy, who identifies as an ethno-nationalist, is known for a number of controversial actions, which include promoting a 1930s book in which the author calls for the 'extermination of Jews,' and reciting the 'Fourteen Words,' an infamous white supremacist slogan that reads: 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.'"

  • According to Wikipedia, Toronto, Iowa has a population of 120 yet Steve King thought he needed to endorse a White Supremacist for Mayor.

  • Steve King's district is in the northwest quadrant of Iowa. He was first elected to Congress in 2002. He's been a Member of Congress for more than 15 years. I first met him in 2008.

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  • Back to 2008.

  • The late Sen. Fred Thompson is running for President. I am a senior advisor on the campaign.

  • The big four running in the Iowa Caucuses were (in order of actual finish) Mike Huckabee (34.4%), Mitt Romney (25%), Thompson (13.4%), and John McCain (13.0%). Ron Paul and the ever-present Rudy Giuliani were also in the fray.

  • King decided to align with us and climbed aboard the Fred Bus for our Iowa tour. He was well known and well-liked by his constituents, at least the constituents that saw him.

  • A number of constituents never saw him because the advance teams were instructed to lay out routes for Fred's walk-abouts that did not include going past any bodegas - grocery stores in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods.

  • Even 10 years ago King was, as Rep. Stivers said, a "White Supremacist."

  • Remember that side trip to the neo-Nazi group in Europe? King was interviewed by a "publication associated with Austria's Freedom Party, which was founded by a former Nazi SS officer." From the Chicago Tribune:
    "'What does this diversity bring that we don't already have?' King said in the interview. 'Mexican food, Chinese food, those things - well, that's fine, but what does it bring that we don't have that is worth the price? We have a lot of diversity within the U.S. already.'"

  • On that tour, King and I got into a discussion of the two-party system which, even then, I thought was headed for trouble. King, with that condescending smirk that many Members of the House, most Members of the Senate, and every appointee in the White House exhibits said "the two-party system is in the Constitution."

  • At that time I actually carried a copy of the Constitution in my backpack - which answers all your questions about my dating success in high school. I got it out. Tossed it to him. And said, "find it."

  • He put the booklet on the seat, turned to stare out the front window of the bus, and I'm not certain we ever spoke again.

    LAD LINK: Here's @ReedGalen's over-the-horizon prediction of what politics will look like following next Tuesday's voting.

  • On the Secret Decoder Ring today: A link to the NRCC's home page, a map of the Iowa Congressional Districts, and a link to the Chicago Tribune piece.

    The Mullfoto is a great shot from along the George Washington Parkway.

    -- END --

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