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Huma. Multi-Tasking

Rich Galen

Monday October 31, 2016

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  • On Friday afternoon, as you know all too well, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, sent a letter to the chairs and ranking members (senior Democrats) of the relevant House and Senate committees with an interest in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

  • Not the email scandal that involves the Russians having stolen, and arranged to have made public, John Podesta's emails. The other email scandal - the one involving her secret, private server while Clinton was Secretary of State.

  • On a per-word basis, that letter will go down in history as the Friday afternoon data dump that caused the most disruption in the history of Friday afternoon data dumps.

  • As you already know, I am not a lawyer. I am not now, nor have I ever been, an FBI Special Agent. I have never been officially interviewed by an FBI Special Agent. I am not at all certain I have ever set foot in the Department of Justice building.

  • All that to say I have no idea which, if any, of the theories that were zooming around Washington like particle beams in Switzerland's Large Hadron Collider, have any credence whatever.

  • One of the most arresting (if you'll forgive the unintentional pun) was that, in the course of pursuing a potential case against former Congressman Anthony Weiner for "sexting" an underage female, the aforementioned FBI came across some emails.

  • And when I say "some emails," according to the Wall Street Journal yesterday, they found some 650,000 emails on a laptop computer that might have been shared by Weiner and his estranged wife, Huma Abedin.

  • 650,000. Among computer geeks, with whom I have hung out over many years, I think the technical term for 650,000 emails is: A lot.

  • That might turn out to be a treasure trove of information valuable to a crack investigative organization like the FBI, if it it allowed to look at them. However, the Journal article it had not been able to peek because,
    "At a meeting early last week of senior Justice Department and FBI officials, [they] realized that no one had acted to obtain a warrant."

  • Pick one: "Keystone Cops." "Barney Miller." "Police Squad." "Police Academy (I through XIII)." "Car 54 Where Are You?" Add your own example of movies and programs based on hapless police departments.

  • Update: At shortly before 7 PM Sunday night, the New York Times reported,
    "Federal investigators have obtained a warrant to begin searching a large cache of emails belonging to a top aide to Hillary Clinton, federal law enforcement officials said Sunday, as prosecutors and F.B.I. agents scrambled to review as much of the information as possible before Election Day."

  • I think the most interesting item in everything that has come to light has to do with Ms. Abedin's employment history. It seems that at the same time she was
    -- An employee of the U.S. Department of State,

    -- On the payroll of the Clinton Foundation, and

    -- Had a business relationship Teneo - the consultancy formed by Bill Clinton's close aide, Doug Band.

  • Suggesting the level of Abedin's support and loyalty to the Clintons, in a weekend New York Times story, reporters Amy Chozick and Mark Landler wrote:
    At a [State Department] staff meeting in early 2009, she was going through a list of requests from "the president." When others in the room looked at her in puzzlement, Ms. Abedin clarified: "Not President Obama. Our president: Bill Clinton."

  • Why is all this important? Because if any of Abedin's emails are found to be on Wiener's computer, they might provide the Rosetta Stone to the FBI connecting the secret server with the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.

  • As one former FBI official said over the weekend, "this is like one-stop shopping for FBI investigators."

  • Like so much of what the Clintons have done in their nearly four decades in public life, none of what we already know, none of what suspect we know, none of what we have invented, wished for, or feared about their post-White House years might turn out to be illegal.

  • But, like Huma Abedin's special arrangement that allowed her to mult-task among the various tentacles of Clinton World; it sure smells bad.

    Lad Link: Here's the link to @ReedGalen's "American Singularity" column issuing a clarion call to the GOP on what it needs to do - and do now. Read it HERE.

  • On the Secret Decoder Ring Page today: Links to the Large Hadron Collider, the Wall Street Journal article, the Rosetta Stone (not the language software), and the NY Times article on Huma Abedin.

    I recommend MOST HIGHLY you look at the Mullfoto, for a long time. The image I took over the weekend helped lower my blood pressure.

    -- END --

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