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2017 Subscription Drive

Rich Galen

Monday October 2, 2017

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  • Welcome to the 2017 MULLINGS Subscription Drive!

  • MULLINGS goes via email to about 19,000 people twice a week. Some weeks, when events warrant, there may be a third, or even fourth edition. But, as a rule I write on Sundays and Wednesdays for delivery Mondays and Thursdays.

  • The annual fee of $30 is totally voluntary. You get to read MULLINGS twice a week whether you pay it or not. But, if you do then you make it easier for me to get on an airplane, check into a hotel room, rent a car, maybe get a sandwich, and report from the places I write from.

  • During the refugee crisis in Europe, for example, I boarded a plane for Budapest, Hungary from where photographer friend Tim Hyde and I set up shop, went to border crossings in Croatia, Serbia, and Austria and wrote about, what was being described as the largest human migration since World War II.

  • That's the kind of thing your subscription helps pay for.

  • But, the standard grist for the mill are the the regular columns about politics, culture, and anything else that strikes me as odd, funny, or moving.

  • I believe that MULLINGS might be the oldest continuous political blog in the world. I started it in March 1998 when I was the executive director at GOPAC. In its earliest form, MULLINGS was a 500-word essay blast-faxed to a limited number of recipients.

  • At the end of that year, email had become ubiquitous enough to begin the electronic version you still see twice a week. The original 500-word column that went to about 200 people is now standard newspaper column length - about 750-words - and as noted about goes to about 19,000 people plus all those who read MULLINGS on-line at

  • While the actual writing, editing, formatting, and sending MULLINGS takes a couple of hours for each edition, the background reading and cross-matching to make sure I'm not giving you fake news, can easily take three or four addtional hours.

  • Given everything we've collectively been through since the last subscription drive - the election, the Inaugural, cabinet selection fights, Obamacare votes, North Korea, three hurricanes (and counting), and all the rest, MULLINGS for many of you has become a trusted information source.

  • You will not always agree with my interpretation of the news, but you can always be certain you are reading my true feelings based on the best factual base I could find.

  • I hesitate to say that this is a serious plea for support, but your $30 makes a tremendous difference in allowing me to spend the time necessary to keep MULLINGS going.

  • If you never have, I would really appreciate your thinking about subscribing this year. If you are a regular subscriber, thank you and please continue to support MULLINGS.

  • Here's how to do it:
    You can go HERE and subscribe using a credit card.

    Or, to subscribe using PayPal click here:

  • If those choices make you nervous, and you want to pay by check there is a slight change for this year.

  • MULLINGS is the name of the column. The company which I own (and which owns MULLINGS) is called "Barrington Worldwide."

  • Therefore please make your check out to "Barrington Worldwide" and address the envelope to:
    Barrington Worldwide
    PO Box 320123
    Alexandria, VA 22320

  • Tomorrow, we'll get back to trying to explain what is going on in American politics. For today, though, the ball is in your court.

  • Thank you.

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