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2015 Subscription Drive

Rich Galen

Monday September 28, 2015


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  • I know you're expecting a column on the stunning news that John Boehner (R-Oh) announced he would be resigning as Speaker, and retiring as a Member, of the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • That will come your way tomorrow.

  • Meanwhile �

  • Welcome to Autumn and the annual MULLINGS Subscription Drive!

  • The $30 annual fee is totally voluntary. You get to read MULLINGS twice a week whether you pay it or not. But, if you do then you make it easier for me to get on an airplane, check into a hotel room, rent a car, maybe get a sandwich, and report from the places I write from.

  • Tuesday, for example, I will be boarding a plane for Budapest, Hungary from where I will try to get to one or more of the border crossings to look at, and write about, what is being described as the largest human migration since World War II.

  • That's the kind of thing your subscription helps pay for.

  • I know it's not nearly as exciting as sitting in a gigantic white tent in Ohio or California with a couple of hundred reporters watching four or five hours of political debates on TVs spread throughout the facility; but there you are.

  • In addition to special reports like those in the upcoming week or so, you will get the regular columns about politics, culture, and anything else that strikes me as odd, funny, or moving.

  • Look at all the twists and turns the political cycle has taken us through already: Donald, Carley, Bernie, Hillary, Carson, Boehner and more legislative "cliffs" than a Road Runner cartoon.

  • And, we're still in the odd-numbered year!

  • You can sound really smart at the Keurig machine every Monday and Thursday morning by reading MULLINGS. If I had a dollar for every time I've overheard the phrase, "Rich Galen said �" I'd have, I don't know, three bucks.

  • But, wait! You also get - absolutely free - the weekly "Lad Link;" Reed Galen's excellent take on the political world through the eyes of a Generation Xer who also happens to live way, WAY outside the Beltway. Sometimes we agree, sometimes not, but he's a really good writer and has a unique take on what is going on.

  • Actually, the Lad Link (official name, "Singularity,") is worth the price of admission all by itself, but let's don't tell him that just yet.

  • If you never have, I would really appreciate your thinking about subscribing this year. If you are a regular subscriber, thank you and please continue to support MULLINGS.

  • Here's how to do it:
    You can go HERE and subscribe using a credit card.

    Or, to subscribe using PayPal click here:

  • If those choices make you nervous, you can send a check to:
    PO Box 320123
    Alexandria, VA 22320

  • If you are not in a position, or of a disposition, to spend the $30, I have another way for you to help: Get two additional people to sign up to receive MULLINGS in their email in-box.

  • Simply have them paste this URL into their browser: and fill out the short form.

  • MULLINGS has about 20,000 email recipients. It would be very helpful to increase that by 10 - 12 percent over the next month and you can help make that happen.

  • Tomorrow, we'll get back to trying to explain what is going on in American politics. For today, though, the ball is in your court.

  • Thank you.

    -- END --

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