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Another Tough Week for Ds

Rich Galen

Friday June 1, 2012


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From Hilton Head Island, SC

  • In what may well become a regular Friday feature, this was - once again - tough week for Democrats from President Obama on down.

  • Starting from the bottom, former U.S. Senator and former Vice Presidential Nominee, John Edwards, was found not guilty on one count of illegal use of campaign funds and a mistrial was declared on the remaining counts.

    Dear Mr. Mullings!

    Unless we're missing something the acquittal and no-decisions are GOOD news, right?

    The Association of Hairdressers to the Stars

  • I made a mistake. I should have typed former DEMOCRATIC U.S. Senator and former DEMOCRATIC Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards �

  • No one on the D side of the aisle thought the voting public needed to be reminded of how the darling of the left when he ran as John Kerry's VP nominee, was actually one of the most despicable human beings ever to hold public office.

  • And I'm not just talking about America.

  • For those who may have forgotten, Edwards made a fortune as a trial lawyer. He decided his true calling was to be the President of the United States so he ran for, and was elected to, the United States Senate from North Carolina.

  • Like our current President, Edwards used the Senate as a step ladder and ran for President first in 2004, and then again in 2008 - the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton campaign.

  • In the Fall of 2007 the National Enquirer began reporting that Edwards had, or was still involved in, an extra-marital affair with a woman who had been billed as the campaign's videographer.

  • Because it was the National Enquirer and not the Washington Post that had broken the story, the popular press officially ignored the story although the Boys and Girls on the Bus were chattering about it non-stop.

  • Affairs on the campaign trail are not stop-the-presses types of activities, although the candidate having an affair with a staffer would be a somewhat bigger deal than two staffers hooking up.

  • It came to pass that Edwards had not only carried on with the staffer, but had fathered a child with her.

  • That was newsworthy. Especially when the National Enquirer published photos of Edwards trying to sneak into a Beverly Hills hotel to visit the mom and baby.

  • Edwards talked another campaign aide into saying that the baby was his.

  • This is what gets us into the despicable part:

  • While all this was going on, Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer but, in a moving front-lawn press conference, said she wanted her husband to press on with the campaign.

  • Anyway, he was acquitted on the criminal charges, but he has to answer to a higher power on the morality level.

  • Keep a look out for any reporter to ask DEMOCRAT Senator John Kerry - whose running John Edwards was - what he thinks about the result.

  • Earlier in the week LibFave Elizabeth Warren, who is running for Senate in Senator Kerry's home state of Massachusetts, continued to dig a hole over her continued inability to come up with a cogent explanation for having declared herself a "minority" for being 1/32nd Native American.

  • In what should have been a walk over in the Liberal Bay State over the incumbent, Republican Scott Brown, Warren has successfully turned this into a toss-up meaning the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will have to pour big wampum into a race they though they had in the bag.

  • Saving the worst for last, the unemployment figures for May were released this morning and rather than the 158,000 new jobs that economists were predicting, only 69,000 people were hired causing the unemployment rate to climb back to 8.2 percent.

  • We can wring our hands over Greece and Spain, the Euro and the Drachma, but those don't mean much to most American voters.

  • A real fear of rising unemployment - at a time when extended benefits are running out for thousands - is the worst news Democrats could read.

  • This plays directly into the hands of Mitt Romney, Speaker John Boehner, and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell that President Obama and his Democratic allies on The Hill have failed, and its time for new leadership.

  • As that old country song doesn't go: If it weren't for bad news, Democrats would have no news at all.

  • On the Secret Decoder Ring today: Links to the Edwards, Warren, and unemployment stories. Also a lin to my Daily Beast column on another bit of bad news for Democrats this week. The Mullfoto is topic appropriate but the Catchy Caption of the Day is not appropriate to anything.

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