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I Hate Ev

Rich Galen

Thursday April 14, 2016


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  • I have a friend who, when she was cranky, used to say, "I hate ev." She was too distraught to even say "everything" or "everybody" or what ever had earned her ire.

  • It seems as if about half the voting population "hates ev."

  • Not just Donald Trump. Ev.

  • An article in the Hill Newspaper points out that an average of 42 polls shows Hillary Clinton is "viewed unfavorably by 55 percent of the electorate. Only 40.2 percent of people view her favorably."

  • That's about 15 percentage points underwater.

  • The Hill quotes a Democrat strategist, Brad Bannon as saying: "Voters see her as the ultimate politician, who will do or say anything to get elected."

  • With Democrats like that, who needs Republicans?

  • The good news for Clinton is, again from The Hill, "Donald Trump is viewed unfavorably by 65 percent in the most recent Gallup poll and favorably by only 29 percent. Minus 36.

  • An Associated Press/GfK survey has even worse news for Trump. His fave/unfave is 26/69 or minus 43.

  • Ted Cruz came in at 32 Fave/48 Unfave or minus 16.

  • Bernie Sanders leads in the Likability Sweepstakes with a fave/unfave rating of 48/39 or plus 9. However, more than half of those polled don't have a good opinion of him.

  • It is unlikely that Bernie Sanders can throw the Democrat convention into a contest, although a surprise win in New York would make it more likely.

  • According to the average of polls in New York that have come out of the field in the past four days, Clinton's lead has shrunk to just 12 percent over Sanders.

  • A month ago, an Emerson poll had Clinton leading by 48 points but that has been the outlier by a factor of two in polls over the past two months.

  • As we have discussed before, there is no reason for Bernie Sanders to get out of this race. He is clearly enjoying himself. He is raising money by the truckload. He is making Clinton chase him to follow his most Liberal positions.

  • And, in a national McClatchy-Marist poll released last week (which only has value in poking a finger into the eye of the Clinton supporters) Sanders leads Clinton by two percentage points, 49-47.

  • But, that's not the bad news for Clinton. The poll also found that fully 25 percent of Sanders' supporters "say they would not back Clinton in a general election if she became the Democratic nominee. Only 69 percent said they would vote for Clinton."

  • According to that poll, Sanders leads Clinton 76-23 percent among those 29 and younger; Clinton leads Sanders 65-29 among those 60 and older.

  • Sanders is 74 years old. Clinton is 69. Together they're 143.

  • I understand that we haven't even reached Tax Day, and the primary voting doesn't end until June 7 about seven weeks down the road.

  • But, if you have been sitting in the dugout at the Clinton HQ in Brooklyn for the past year throwing darts at the org chart for the Office of the President to see what job you'll get, this is all very troublesome.

  • President Obama tried to help out over the weekend when he said on Fox News Sunday, "I continue to believe that [Hillary Clinton] has not jeopardized America's national security."

  • Having, as the Chicago Tribune's John Kass wrote "Put his thumb on the scale," Obama to Chris Wallace,
    "I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI, not just in this case but in any case. Period."

  • And you wonder why there is so much dissatisfaction with Washington outside the Beltway.

  • Voters hate ev. And for good reason.

    LAD LINK: Here's The Lad's (@ReedGalen) excellent analysis of why what's going on, is going on. Click HERE.

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    A license plate Mullfoto that surprised me.

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